Project 3 Progress: 04/21/2021

Today I took apart my bike and striped down the parts to its frame. This included removing the seat, brakes, brake cables, handle bars, quill stem, chain, wheels, wheel rack, and water bottle holder.

The chain ring and pedals will remain on for the time bringing until it is known if gear shifters and additional chain rings will arrive in time to add them to the project.

Removing the quill stem was an interesting science. Following the instructional video from Park Tool on how to remove a quill stem, I used a torque driver and hex tool to unscrew the quill. It would not release due to the mechanism (quill) still being expanded within the frame. To solve this, I used a hammer and punch to hit down on the top of the quill, releasing it from its expansion within the frame, and was able to pull it out.

Here, the quill steam removed from frame. You can see the quill is released from the stem. When it is inside the frame, the quill is pressed up tightly to the stem and is over extended to create a tight and secure fit for the stem and therefore handlebars.

Next week I will sand the bike and paint it to refresh the frame. I have ordered new period correct Nishiki decals to be applied as well. Additionally, I will use a metal saw to cut down the original handle bar to create a closer grip. This type of grip is more ergonomically correct for city riding and for this style frame. Afterwards and once the parts arrive, I will attached a new quill stem and new cantilever brakes and corresponding brake cables and brake pads.

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